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Cidade Cinza:

Courageous Lovers

Book 1 in Cidade Cinza Series
Available 15/03/2020!
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Elis Angelico is a Brazilian American who writes shameless romances for women who love sex and believe in love.


She taught middle schoolers in Southern California, completed half a masters in library science in D.C., mentored teenagers in Boston, and managed a job training program for homeless adults in São Paulo before devoting herself full-time to orgasms.


Her books are emotionally complex and explore the many ways that love is essential to enduring trauma, injustice, and pain. Her OCD (the diagnosed kind, not the tongue and cheek "I'm so organized" variety), father’s death by suicide, bisexuality and divorce are but a few of the life experiences that inform her writing.


She lives in São Paulo with her daughter and her soul mate and knows her way around a spray can.

the Books

Dark Ocean

things she wrote

"Love is the only true luck"

the Books

Cidade Cinza: Courageous Lovers

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Elis Angelico

elis.angelico.writer (at)

São Paulo, São Paulo - Brasil 

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